AQUA CARE is a U.A.E based company providing advanced solutions in the field of water and waste water management by transplanting advanced technologies and providing broad range of solutions for cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, RO water, thermal desalination and waste water treatment applications at competitive costs to our valued clients since 2005. AQUA CARE takes pride in providing quality water treatment systems and service to insightful residential and commercial clients throughout the Middle east.

With extensive knowledge and understanding of Water Purifying Systems we ensure that we source the latest technology from around the world. As direct importers and agents to leading companies from around the globe, we have the advantage of being extremely competitive in our price. We specialize with a wide range of water treatment systems by producing and selling a full range of water purification products for different customers such as Residential RO Systems, Commercial RO Systems, Industrial RO Systems, Water Softeners, Water Dispensers, Numerous Water Filtration Systems, UV Water Filtration Systems, Vessels and Housings, Drinking Faucets, RO membranes, Storage tanks, Cartridges, Booster Pumps, RO fittings and all components of filters.

We provide a very wide range of water purification membranes with different brands also such as HYDRANAUTICS, TORAY,GE, FILMTECH.

why us?

  • High Quality
  • Competitive Cost
  • Easy Installation and Low Default
  • Widest Possible Range
  • Widest Possible brand options